• All assignments that students will submit as part of my course are subject to the instructions and regulations specified in this document.

  • Assignments specifications may impose additional instructions and/or regulations, and/or overrule any of the following instructions or regulations; all such cases will be explicitly mentioned in the relevant assignment specifications.

  • In cases where an assignment specification contains instructions or regulations which conflict with those listed in this document, the instructions or regulations contained in the assignment specification shall have precedence.

Submission Procedure

• Go to TechnoSapiens.

• Login using your existing Gmail account or signup to become a member of TechnoSapiens.

• Go to the Assignment Submission portal and upload your assignment.

Solve the assignment question on a sheet of paper write your faculty no. at the top right corner of the first page and page number on each page. Scan your answer sheet and submit it through the Assignment Submission portal. Your assignment files should NOT be zipped or submitted via any format other than PDF. This will assure the grading process is more streamlined.

Submission Portal 

Assignment submitted via means other than through the Assignment Submission portal will not be evaluated unless you have taken prior permission.

Late Submission Policy

Submit your assignment before the deadline. Submission after the deadline will result in the deduction of marks. Unless otherwise specified, a lateness penalty of 10% per day late rounded up (including weekends and holidays) will be applied to all late submissions, up to a maximum of three full days past the assignment deadline, after which submissions for the assignment will not be accepted even if you upload the assignment through the proper portal. This means that if your assignment is late by 5 hours, it will count as a 10% deduction. The 10 % deduction is applied after the assignment is graded normally and is computed by subtraction. This means that if your marks would have been 70% and your assignment is late by 1 day, your marks will be 60% after a 10% deduction.

Illegal Collaboration

Assignments must be done INDIVIDUALLY; you must not solve questions in groups, and you must not copy any student’s submission or any part thereof. Further, you must not allow another student to copy your submission or any part thereof. You are free of course to discuss ideas with each other on how to approach a problem, but you should be very careful to solve your assignment by yourself. In addition, unless otherwise stated, assignments must have been written ENTIRELY by you; you must not submit assignments written in whole or in part by any other party, even if the solution to any question is in the public domain or you have permission from its author to use and/or modify it in your work. Performing any of the preceding actions constitutes illegal collaboration, which is a serious violation of these instructions and regulations and will result in rejection of the assignment.

Problem with the assignment question 

Any issues regarding the assignment/assignment questions must be brought to my notice before the assignment submission deadline. Click here to report any issue regarding the assignment. No issues whatsoever will be entertained after the assignment submission deadline.