Axially loaded unsymmetrical Welded joint

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

This is for fifth-semester Mechanical Engineering students.

In this video, I have explained the design of axially loaded asymmetric welded joint and then solved a related problem. This is the sixth lecture of the lecture series on the welded joint. Click here to view the complete playlist.

In certain applications, unsymmetrical sections such as angle or T are welded to the steel plates or the beams as shown in the figure below. an angle section welded to a vertical beam by means of two parallel fillet welds 1 and 2. G is the center of gravity of the angle section. The external force acting on the joint passes through G. Suppose P1 and P2 are the resisting forces set up in the welds 1 and 2 respectively. Watch the above video till the end to learn the design of such weld where the length of welds at the top and bottom are not equal.


Click here to download the study material related to this topic.

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