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Unfortunately, such situations with the punishment of dishonest players were extremely rare. At that time, there were no video surveillance systems that carried out additional control, and the correctness of the games was assigned only to the dealer and the inspector casinosenligneca.

For various reasons, such tricks took place and went unpunished. But we remember that it was the formation of the gambling business and dealers learned from their mistakes. As you know, experience is the son of difficult mistakes ...

If it were possible to conduct a survey among the staff of the Sovereign casino on the topic of who they would like to see in the hall during the shift, then, no doubt, everyone would name Volodya Mazista. This man is a living legend of the gambling business in Moscow. He did not lose millions, did not let fortunes into the game.

The amount of his maximum winnings is not so large that it is worth talking about. He, without hesitation, in case of a loss, used a strong swear word addressed to croupier, and sometimes a whole tirade. And these words were always very offensive. But... He was loved and expected...


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